“Mrs Thompson is one of the best English teachers that has ever taught me. She makes lessons fun and engaging.”

A.A., Age 11

“Mrs. Thompson always takes her students’ needs and requests into consideration.”

K.R., 12

“Mrs Thompson is always teaching me new reading techniques that help me to understand things better.

T.P., Age 12

“Mrs. Thompson brings out the best in me and she is always encouraging me to push myself.”

M.O., Age 13

“Mrs. Thompson has taught me to be a good student and excel in English.”

S.R., Age 14

“Mrs. Thompson has taught me so much more than just English. She has taught me to be confident.”

A.S., Age 15

“Mrs. Thompson has helped me to improve my vocabulary and writing.”

J.B., Age 15

“Mrs. Thompson is always giving me strong feedback on my work.”

S.I., Age 12
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